North Conway Community Center
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Youth Sports Policies and Procedures

Electronic Devices
All participants must leave electronic devices (such as cell phones, iPods gaming devices etc.) at home or in their bag. Coaches cannot ensure the safety of such equipment. The North Conway Community Center will not assume responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen devices.
Medical Information
Please inform the program coordinator and coach in writing if your child has any allergies, dietary restrictions or chronic health problems. The North Conway Community Center staff and volunteers will not administer any medication to your child. Please notify the sports coordinator and coach of inhalers, epi-pens, or other medication that your child must carry with them.
Rules and Behavior Management
Positive behavior management techniques and communication will be used if behavior challenges arise. If it is not possible to resolve the issue, the coach and sports coordinator may determine that early dismissal from the program is necessary. The North Conway Community Center does not tolerate bullying or other offensive behavior. A coach may remove a participant from an activity if necessary. If a participant is physically or emotionally harming themselves or others or is a threat to the safety of others, family members will be notified immediately for pick up.